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BUKHARA, leaves room for imagination

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“Just as a candle cannot burn without fire,

men cannot live without a spiritual life.”




Things look different from a distance. Looking down from the sky, earth becomes a patchwork of small patterns. Meadows,  rivers, farmland… reveal  their puzzle character. The higher you go, the more detail you see.  Until you reach a point when you notice that earth is covered with strong, paisley shaped designs with a strong feminine touch, nicely spread out of the surface, marking different heights. Bukhara evokes the exact same feeling. A collection that reflects, if you look at it from a certain distance, the heritage of old Aztec culture, in a harmonious liaison with details of the earliest life forms. Bukhara’s paisley dessins take you back to the true origin of species, and leaves room for imagination. Where did it all start?