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Booking a room in a hotel is always adventurous. You never know where you will end up. Pictures tell more than a thousand words, but sometimes photos do not reveal everything. Here they do. The rooms in this German hotel are very inviting. Wonderfully cosy, thanks to the Lounge- designs. The rooms have a classical, yet contemporary feel, showing the many possibilities of the Lounge-designs. You could see it as a luxury ‘mix-and-match’-collection. The overall ambiance breathes quietness, rest and softly urges you to have a power nap...

hotel germany

Hotel in Germany - the hall and the rooms.

The owner wanted a classical, yet timeless but contemporary, luxury textile wallcovering, with a warm ambiance.

Why Asanderus?
Because of the quality, trustworthiness, correct delivery and work, impeccable service.

Very satisfied; the Lounge collection possesses a luxurious feel, hence the choice.

Via a German dealer who sold the Lounge collection to a reference customer.